Our Story

Bunno was established in 2017 and it’s name actually means ‘coffee tree’. 

The owners of Bunno took a trip back in time to find out where coffee came from. It turns out, before the world knew anything about coffee, it was planted by the Kaffa people in Ephiopia. The word they used for coffee tree was Bunno! 

Bunno was created by a group of people who have a huge passion for coffee and how it’s made. Their background stems back to exclusively distributing coffee roasters and traditional lever coffee machines. The owner carried a dream, to one day showcase coffee roasting in a store, wowing customers as they stop to browse at their window display. 

The method of making the perfect cup of coffee requires concentration, enthusiasm and state of the art machinery. Bunno started roasting and selling their coffee solely to London restaurants and coffee shops back in 2017. 

Think Fresh

Due to their success the first Bunno Coffee shop was opened in 2019. The coffee was tasted by the locals of the Romford area and this gave the brand a community feel and a good reputation for the freshest coffee. 

However, the story doesn’t end there. Bunno decided to branch out and make their own pasta, to match the concept of them producing fresh coffee as well as fresh pasta. These restaurants are all open plan, which means you can watch our highly trained chefs cook your meal in front of you, using only the freshest ingredients.  

Bunno is a place where people can come and relax while enjoying fresh products, whether that’s cooked or brewed in front of them. Bunno is the home of fresh.